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Founded to create a safer, healthier cannabis culture by answering: “What can cannabis do for me?”


Mahj is the “smart cannabis company”, providing the world’s first IoT platform for the cannabis industry. Our goal is to build a safer, healthier, and friendlier cannabis culture by answering the simple question, “What can cannabis do for me?”

For patients, we provide customized feedback and solutions for dosing, symptom management, storage, security, sliding scale dispensary pricing, and effect tracking. Read more…

For cannabis companies, we provide hardware and software solutions for delivery, tracability, chain of custody, inventory, and voluntary patient data to form a “Seed-to-Smoke” solution for dispensaries, growers, and processors to maximize ROI and minimize compliance costs. Read more…


If you’re a dispensary or accessory shop who would like to carry Mahj products, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.
Premier Partnerships and Powered by Mahj

Mahj is partnering with select companies, caregivers, institutions, and organizations to provide the highest quality experience and products to the patients. Contact us to learn more.


Beyond security, our software offers personalized feedback on usage, dosing, and available strains. Feel free to drop us a line and say hello!



Mahj, Inc
72 Orange St
Waltham, MA 02453

Contact Numbers

+1 (617) 302-6245

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