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Create A Safe Environment

As a patient or parent, you want your products to be safe, secure, inaccessable to children, teens, or potential threats. And you want to comply with all laws. Our technologies help:

  • Keep Medicine Out of Children’s Hands
  • Maintain Product Integrity and Quality
  • Prevent Theft and Prying Eyes

Professional Design

Your medicine stored discreetly, in a sleek container, and without odor. Patients love our CASE because it is elegant, simple, secure, and doesn’t draw attention.

Easy To Use

CASE works with patients to give useful feedback on dose amounts, helpful tips on inventory management, phone alerts, and allows multiple patients to use the same CASE.

Free Updates

Laws and regulations are rapidly changing. We will update all software free of charge and replace hardware free or at-cost to be law compliant.

Intuitive Interaction

Quickly access your medicine with the tap of your phone, swipe of your finger, turn of a key, or sound of your voice. Up to 30 users supported.

Little About Us

Mahj has created CASE, an IoT storage and security platform, to track your medicine, your use, your pain history, and your tolerance. Our platform works to create a safe environment for patients to manage their pain or illness with data, software, hardware, and customized feedback. We want help heal and spread wellness with data.

Our Mission

To safely and securely store medicine and intoxicants. To help patients manage their medicines and their dose schedules. To promote healthy forms of medication. To keep children, pets, and theives away from your medicines.

Our Vision

To create a fully accountable industry with regards to safe storage, tracking, and reporting on medicinal plants in compliance with all state and federal laws. Beyond building a responsible product, we want to build a resposible industry.

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